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With a great experience acquired in many years of work in tanning sector, the tannery Dallas FG 92 of Ponte a Cappiano represents an important reference point for the Italian tanning world.

Specialized in calf and half calves production, the tannery cares particularly for the working of its own product to be always ready to offer a high quality leather with a sure warranty for the client.

The skin produced by the tannery Dallas FG 92 have as their principal outlet market Italy but they are also appreciated abroad for their particular characteristics.


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Dallas FG92 - Industria Conciaria
50050 Ponte a Cappiano - Fucecchio ( Firenze )
Via del Puntone, 24/26
Tel. 39 - 571 - 295051
Fax 39 -571 297125
E.Mail dallasfg92@leonet.it